The process of restoring and repairing antique furniture is very complex and takes a true master of color, texture and detail. For some people, just fixing a piece of damaged furniture is acceptable. For our discriminating clients, they expect perfection and restoring the item to its natural patina finish.


Charley has been in the custom furniture restoration business since 1969. He was mentored by several European, Asian and English journeyman masters early in his career. Charley has been extremely successful in the trade because of his keen eye for precise color matching and his attention to detail. He has dedicated the last 44 years to mastering the trade of restoring and repairing fine furniture, antiques, cabinets, woodwork, and antiquities. He restored a 15th Century painting worth millions of dollars and restored Louis the 14th chairs to their natural patina. No job is too difficult or too challenging for his mastery. Charley's specialty is also bringing water and fire damaged furniture and antiques back to life.

Lost Art Restoration is based in Tucson, Arizona and we serve all of the Metropolitan Tucson area.